What Food Alternatives To Try  For A Gluten Free Snack?


So, you’ve heard several times the word gluten free and saw products with such labels as well but the question is, what it truly means. As a matter of fact, gluten is a type of protein that you can find in some grains including spelt, rye, barley and wheat but not in corn or rice. Despite the fact that oats are considered to be gluten free, it may be contaminated with such protein during the processing.

Gluten free indicates that the products don’t contain such protein. This is crucial for numerous people because eating products which contain gluten might trigger some health problems. These health problems can be anything from gut inflammation, Celica disease, brain symptoms similar to brain fog and fatigue as well as increased vulnerability to gut autoimmunity.

If you are suffering from health problems that are caused by eating gluten, then it is time to look for alternative snacks that are gluten free which include fresh and dried fruits, nuts, veggies and more.

Fruits – this is among the most popular low sodium spice snacks that you can try and at the same time, the easiest to fix and eat. Grabbing fruits and eating it even if you’re on the go is relatively easy.  And whether you believe it or not, it makes an excellent after meal desert or between-the-meal snack by mixing various fruits.

A great combination you should try include bananas, apples and grapes while other quick and tasty nutritional dried food snacks to try are apple chips, raisins, dried pineapple, dried mango and so forth.

Nuts – eating nuts as snack is packed with lots of protein. These can be carried easily in your backpack or purse for quick snacks between breaks at work or classes. Some nuts can be chopped in smaller pieces and add them into salads.  You can achieve a sweet taste in the mixture of mixture of cinnamon and gluten free sugar by mixing plain nuts.

Homemade snacks without gluten – it’s true that making homemade snacks that is free of gluten and is possible and the best thing about this is that, they are very easy to prepare but might take some of your time.  As a quick example, with a hardboiled egg, what you must do is to peel it and eat it. You can even have a batch of trail mix with nuts, dried fruits and gluten free cereal.

As a matter of fact, you may make use of gluten free peanut butter for a tasty snack spread chocolate over peanut butter such as pistachio, almond or cashew. Just see to it that any peanut butter you are about to buy is free from gluten and not made in the factor along with other gluten free products containing such protein as there could be a cross contamination.